What is Image Management?

Image Management guides you through a discovery of your style identity through examining the ‘visual elements’ of our persona. These elements create a unique and memorable image leading to an impression in the mind of those who see you. All these elements convey certain messages that translates into certain perceptions – and you want those perceptions to be positive!

Our trainers and image consultants go further than just appearance to help improve your Image Management. You will be introduced to a comprehensive framework bringing together your style DNA, personality, colour analysis, wardrobe management and fashion. We will guide you through a personal discovery of your style, best colours, natural body shape, special traits, and provide recommendations how to enhance, balance or minimize these traits depending on your personal/professional goals.

Codeltra Asia and its founder, Sherly Worth, are members of the Association of Image Consultants International, Institute of Image Training and Testing International, and affiliates of ImageWorks Asia (Singapore) and ByFERIAL (USA).
If you are interested in becoming an Image Consultant, please check out our Codeltra Asia Academy course, Certified Professional Image Consultant Training Level I and Level II. For further details, please contact us.

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