“You don’t build a business, you build PEOPLE and then people build the BUSINESS”




We provide the best soft skills training, tools, and resources for professional and leadership development that can be customized and personalized to suit your spesicific needs and goals

 Branding Through People®


Delivered through 3 days classroom training for groups of 8-14 people, as well as one on one executive coaching. Designed for upper management, executives to director levels, even down to the front-line service to middle management level, this course inspires individuals to live their brand distinctively, and ultimately to extract new levels of confidence and charisma to live their professional brand. Module covers the 8 aspects that lead towards “Corporate Excellence.” Unleash every individual’s true potential through appropriate attitude, action and appearance

 Winning Presence and Transactional Behaviour


A must for your sales teams. Our module is based on the most validated sales technique in the world, proven by the trainer’s personal and professional success over 25 years in networking and sales experience. We combine the analytical SPIN method and high level networking skill with transactional behaviour for optimal results. Networking effectiveness, listening skills, body language, portfolio management, are all incorporated in these 4-stage selling steps. This course is content is high in psychological selling through enhancing communication skills. Recommended for middle to high level sales positions. Entry level sales may find this course too challenging and overwhelming. Class is ideal for 6-10 people per class. Prior assessment and profile test may be required.
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