What is Personal and Professional Branding?
Personal Branding provides us with life skills to build a more distinct image beyond ‘appearance’. We all have diverse values, backgrounds and environments that all play significant roles in shaping our actions, attitude and appearance. Our Personal Branding courses focus on the action and attitude areas that define our persona in the eyes of others and yourself. Codeltra offers modules in the ‘action’ elements such as networking, communication, protocol, etiquette, protocol and non-verbal communication. We offer personal coaching to focus on the attitude aspects of your personal brand.
Distinct from Personal Branding, Professional Branding will help you to synergies your your personal style with your profession, thereby creating a distinct ‘you’ in the eyes of your clients and employer. Sometimes there needs to be a bridge to close the gap between our Personal Branding and the Professional Branding associated with your profession.
These are the tools that will equip you to “live your brand” to and maximize your potential.

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